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Stormhaven: City of Adventure
Stormhaven is a large port city that is a crossroads for many different cultures and peoples. This city-state was once a vassal of a mighty empire, but troubles within that far-flung realm have given the city great autonomy with little outside interference for many years.

A Lord Mayor rules over the city and beneath him are several petty noble lords with varying degree of political influence. There is also a city council, consisting of elected officials that represent the various guilds and city districts. The city council has considerable influence in the city and the Lord Mayor can ill afford to make any move without securing majority consent of the council. The various temples also play dominantly in the daily life of the city, creating a volatile political landscape that is ripe with intrigue and scheming.

All humanoid races may be found within the city, though the majority of its denizens are humans. Sure, there are dwarves, elves, gnomes, halfling, etc. as one would expect in a typical fantasy city; however other creatures are seen from time to time as well. It is not unthinkable to walk into a tavern and see a half-ogre sharing a table with a dwarf. It turns out both have a healthy appreciation of ale!

Stormhaven is the nexus for all goods coming out of the Hinterlands as well as a convenient jumping off-point for expeditions to the Wilderlands, or even to the Empires of the Shifting Sands. However, one does not need to travel outside the city to find adventure.

Thieves and cutthroats roam the streets at night looking for their latest score. Rival sorcerors plot their enemies’ demise, sometimes dragging innocents into the chaos that ensues. Evil cultists hatch dark plots in hidden cabals all throughout the city. Monstrous beasts lurk in the sewers that snake beneath the city. Forgotten crypts contain untold treasures. Labyrinthine ruins are occasionally unearthed deep beneath the city, once home to ancient cultures from an era that even the most learned sages know very little of.

There is never a shortage of adventuring opportunities to be found within the city; rather, the trouble is finding brave souls willing to risk life and limb to lay claim to fortune and glory!

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